Jane Watts, Artist

Another Shed Production

"Verity....... what can I say, she totally gets into your world . Her interviewing technique is almost stealth-like; she sets you on a path and off you rattle about your passion. With few questions here and there to nudge you with specifics, her informal approach enables you to be yourself talking about what you love.

Informal it may be but Verity has an agenda and will leave with a comprehensive stash of information and photography needed to write her pieces.

The combination of journalism and photography makes it super easy, a complete package. The photography comes after the interview, by which time you are so relaxed you barely notice her buzzing around taking pictures."

Alen & Harry, Craftsmen

Lignum Surf

"Working with Verity was a pleasure. She has a very relaxed style which made the interview feel effortless and she’s a true wordsmith. 

In our case she came to write about our courses and pop-up shop. She got really immersed in the process of building a wooden hand plane and rather than pressing the fact that it was meant to be an interview she just went with the flow. The result was more like hanging out with a friend for the day! 

To top it all off she’s an amazing photographer with a keen eye for detail and composition. We ended up with an artfully written feature with phenomenal imagery. Thank you Verity!"

Chris Milczanowski, Co-Founder & Director

Oxan Furniture International

"Working with you is a pure pleasure. I can always trust to your natural expertise, whether you're writing a case study, helping to create our website, or keeping an eye on logistics. You always understand perfectly what I need and execute with amazing attention to every single detail. You get under the skin of the company and you are always fast and reliable. Thank you so much!"

Joël Lacey, Editor

Dorset Life: The Dorset Magazine

Food Column 2016-2020

"Early in 2016 I was looking someone who combined a love of food, an interest in heritage, a yen to write and the ability to photograph food beautifully for our food column. Luckily enough, I chanced upon Verity Hesketh; I had found that someone.

Verity developed the idea of finding recipes from 18th and 19th Dorset centuries and updating them for the modern palate and plate.

Now I’m pretty sure that Verity had never done anything of this sort before, but the dedication, culinary verve, ingenuity and aesthetic eye that she brought to what could have been a dry historical piece, turned it into something that was a literal and a metaphorical feast for the eyes.

Visually the series was stunning, well written, accessible and useful… one Dorset ex-pat reader now living in Norway phoned me to tell me Verity’s strand alone was pretty much his entire reason for subscribing to the magazine.

I’d originally pegged it for a single year, but we ended up running it monthly for well over double that.

In short, if you’re a commissioning editor who’s got the germ of an idea and is looking for someone to make it so much more, give Verity a call and see what she can create for you."

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